Stéphanie TRISTRAM (EI)
Sophrologue - Énergéticienne -
Praticienne en massage bien-être
Stéphanie TRISTRAM (EI)
Stéphanie Tristram, énergétique à Nantes
Sophrologue - Énergéticienne -
Praticienne en massage bien-être

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Stéphanie TRISTRAM, energy therapist, Amma chair massage practitioner, well-being coach - Welcome on my website

Do you feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed on a daily basis ? I accompany you to find balance and serenity.

My primary objective is your well-being

I can help you through energy sessions and/or, chair massage, either at my practice or in an office at your company. In addition, I provide you with advices on diet, natural remedies, stress management techniques, and healthier lifestyle. If you want to go even further and step into your potential as the creator of your reality, well-being coaching is for you.

What does well-being mean ?

Well-being is a well-balanced result between 3 key elements which are body, mind and environment. It allows us to live our live in harmony with our inner nature and with others. It is experienced and nurtured, living in the present moment. Each and everyone of us, has the resources to achieve long lasting well-being. I offer to help you to discover and use your own ressources so that you can become actors of your own daily well-being.

What is energy therapy ?

Energy therapy in my practice

Energy therapy or energetics, is a comprehensive body approach aimed at restoring our physical and psycho-emotional balance. I work with the body's energy fields, making adjustments in order to oberall enhance health and well-being. My tools include : 

- Techniques inherited from ancestral traditions :

  • Chakras harmonisation with cristals, colours and sounds
  • Acupressure to rebalance and allow life energy to flow freely throughout the body

- Manual therapy : 

  • Craniosacral breathing
  • Release of abdominal tensions
  • Tissue vibration, which is a gentle technique that involves lifting blockages and releasing tensions throughout the body by vibrating bones, muscles and tendons

- And advises in natural remedies which work both on the physical and on the emotional areas (plants, Bach flowers, essential oils)

 I adapt these tools to your needs, based on an assessment made at the start of the session.

Corporate energetics workshops

Energetics can also be practiced within companies.

I organise workshops on the management of vital energy with the aim of teaching everyone to strengthen his/her vital energy, to recharge his/her batteries  and to be an actor of his/her daily well-being.

These workshops are tailor-made and include :

  • Breathing
  • Centering and anchoring
  • Practice of Chinese self-massages
  • Chakras and aura harmonisation

The benefits for both the company and the staff are :

  • An increase in vitality
  • A better management of stress
  • A greater self-confidence
  • An increase in motivation
  • A greater creativity 
  • A strenghtened cohesion
  • A reduction in absenteeism
  • Gains in efficiency and productivity
  • The prevention of psycho-social risks
  • A positive impact on the Company image

What is Amma chair massage ?

Amma Chair massage is performed on an ergonomic chair and is particularly suited to companies. It provides in about twenty minutes a deep relaxation as well as a boost of energy. A chair massage focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands which are the main areas affected by exposure to stress. The pressures on specific points of the body, associated with light sweeps, kneading and percussion, allow, in addition to relaxation, to rebalance the circulation of energy in the body via the acupuncture meridians. The recipient is seated and fully clothed. Thus, chair massage can be performed in the workplace or in active areas such as airports and offices as it only requires a 4 m² area.

The benefits of Corporate Amma chair massage for both the company and the staff are :

  • A well-being break
  • A relief in tensions and for tired muscles
  • A boost of energy
  • A help to manage stress
  • Greater motivation, communication and creativity
  • A decrease in absenteeism
  • An increase in employee performance and productivity
  • It appeals to a broad employee base
  • The prevention of psycho-social risks
  • A positive impact on the Company image

What is well-being coaching ?

Wellbeing is personal. My coaching will focus on specific physical and psycho-emotionnal areas you want/need to address. In addition to energy sessions, I will help you through customised advice as regards lifestyle, support for the implementation of stress moderators, inner transformation techniques to achieve your goals and techniques to optimize your vital energy on a daily basis.

If you need further information, please leave me a message and I will call you back.

Why consult in energetics ?

- In the event of physical or psycho-emotional difficulties : pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, tiredness, addictions, lack of confidence, digestive problems, skin problems, symptoms that prevent you from being well and/or disturb your relationships with others. These disorders can be the result of a lack of energy or of a blockage of the energy flow in a part of the body.

- In a preventive way, when seasons change, in order to optimize your vital energy flow and to live these changes well.

Why consult for an Amma chair massage ?

To connect with yourself and recharge your batteries.

Are you stressed, tired?

The seated massage allows you to take time for yourself, without committing to a therapeutic process, just a moment to breathe, release tension and boost your energy.

Practiced regularly, Chair helps to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Who am I ?

After graduating in Economics and Finance,  I worked for more than 20 years, mainly in the field of banking and finance. Throughout my first career, which was directly linked to my studies, I have always been keen on the human aspect of life. Also passionate about sport (running, swimming, cycling, hiking, yoga), and about being in contact with Mother nature, I have always seen myself through the years as being fully fulfilled when supporting people, whith a specific focus on their well-being and health. My help was primarily sport and healthier lyfestyle related. Then, I discovered energetics through meetings with therapists and once, convinced of the benefits of this therapeutic approach on both my body/mind and those of my children, I naturally decided to retrain in this field.

I trained and graduated in energy, Amma chair massage, anatomy, physiology and aromatherapy at the Cassiopée Institute in Chatou.

My professional background and my related activities enable me to know particularly well the issues related to human relations, stress in business as well as the difficulties encountered by athletes. In addition, my international sensitivity (through my studies, my professional assignments and above all, by taste) enables me to offer my services in English.

What is my approach ?

My approach is holistic, that is to say that it considers the individual as a whole and part of a larger whole : relationship to others, to your environment (recent lockdowns due to the covid pandemic), to the seasons, etc. It is not limited to the symptom, which for me is the consequence of a global imbalance.

In this overall logic, body and mind are linked. I combine work on the body, with tools for emotional management and for understanding your functioning mechanisms, in order to free yourself from the factors that affect your well-being and achieve better psycho-body balance.

My main objective is your well-being and what drives me is to support you so that you can become autonomous, actors of your daily well-being.


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